New series of fighters

Painting at starbucks

Jenny was a joy to paint!


Some new fun stuff

So I know it has been a while, but what can I say, busy life!

me and some girlfriends went to Laguna beach recently and we were just having some fun with the camera. I wanted to post some of the images of we took! I did a lot of post production! I must say photography is an amazing form of self expression.


and let there be color!

Taking it to color!
So I am almost done with poster 1 for “ Big Highway” film … It is a definitely a pleasure to be pjavascript:void(0)art of this, here is a sample of the different colored versions.. what do you guys think??? I would love feed back!


Big Highway Film

heading toward the final image.. so this is the latest adjustments! It is moving in a direction I like.. the client is amazing! Good Times!
check out the movie! Big Highway Film by Lance Lindhal.


Embarking on a new experience!

I was out not so long ago in St. Anthony Coptic Orthodox Monastery out in new Barstow ,CA.

I was originally brought on to create technical illustrations to visualize and communicate the ideas that the contractor had for the building of several structures. It was a volunteer based project from the architecture firm, so their designs sort of fell short which left the contractor with lots of problem solving to do on his own.

I have to say that being a girl in an all male monastery for a month and half with the added bonuses of being on a construction site working with the head contractor was absolutely the experience of a life time. (crazy!) But by the end of the project, my time there was so successful that only did I design and illustrator new monuments, but I also managed the construction site of these monuments…

This structure is very secure and is going to be there for hundreds of years! I am so honored to have been a vital part of creating it!


Big Highway

A couple of weeks back I got called to create a movie poster for an indie movie called Big Highway. It is kind of a pleasure to work on such a project because

1) You can share the art immediately .

2) You get team that is excited about the work itself !

3) They are always thinking about creating something out of the box instead of being restricted!

I feel in love with the script immediately because of how poetic everything was written and the overall flow the film. I am very excited to be part of this and looking forward to the final project!

Check out some of the sketches for the movie poster!

Look out for the final image! (coming soon! )

and also make sure to check out the movie!



some of sketches

here is new work from sketchbook I am playing with my watercolors. Using different techniques and trying to get out images that are stuck in my head! for more of my work, check out my website! magda.biz


My father

My dad has suffered a severe aortic aneurysm on thursday april 3rd, causing the whole artery to dissect. This has yet to be some of the most stressful time of my life.Things are getting better.

In oth cases up to 90 percent of the patients do not make it to the hospital, yet he has managed to survive for 3 days with this condition which is a miracle!

His condition is finally improving! slowly but steadily. But it is still stressful because the hospital, nurses and doctor are just horrible. The fact that he is still with us today is completely due to god!
so what I have learned is talk to the G(j) man, your prayers are important!
~ Magda



So, I have finally got with the 21st century and created an official web site, I'll use this blog exclusively to update you with the latest and greatest... but for art feel free to check out my web site and even give me feed back on what you think!
( http://www.magda.biz )


This is my latest painting, it is work in progress!