Embarking on a new experience!

I was out not so long ago in St. Anthony Coptic Orthodox Monastery out in new Barstow ,CA.

I was originally brought on to create technical illustrations to visualize and communicate the ideas that the contractor had for the building of several structures. It was a volunteer based project from the architecture firm, so their designs sort of fell short which left the contractor with lots of problem solving to do on his own.

I have to say that being a girl in an all male monastery for a month and half with the added bonuses of being on a construction site working with the head contractor was absolutely the experience of a life time. (crazy!) But by the end of the project, my time there was so successful that only did I design and illustrator new monuments, but I also managed the construction site of these monuments…

This structure is very secure and is going to be there for hundreds of years! I am so honored to have been a vital part of creating it!